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Admissions are Open for Standard 6th to 12th - Academic Year 2024-25
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Schooling Redesigned for Today's New Age Learners

GoSchool is a radically refreshing alternative to a traditional school that combines high-quality teaching, personalised counselling, extracurricular activities, test preparation, counselling for university admissions along with cutting-edge skills to deliver a transformative high school experience.

A Progressive Programme for Ambitious Students

GoSchool’s carefully developed and proven curriculum, cutting-edge learning methodologies within a highly engaging learning environment delivers a superlative educational experience.

HyFlex Learning

Delivered with a proprietary “HyFlex Learning” system, we seamlessly integrate the experience of attending a bricks and mortar school with the advantages of technology-led active learning methodologies.

A Foundation for Lifelong Success

GoSchool inculcates 21st century skills to prepare our students for lifelong success. Assisting students to develop critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and strategic decision-making, we lead our students to success in their chosen careers.

A Pathway to the University of your Dreams

GoSchool has inbuilt, personalised guidance on the pathway to the best universities within India and around the world. Through guidance, counselling and support we assist students to gain acceptance to highly selective universities.

Ensuring Success

Rigorous instruction from the experienced and inspirational global faculty with personalised assistance and progress monitoring helps students to excel and realise their potential. Student success coaches assist students to deepen academic focus while raising the bar of success for our students.

Excel in your Chosen Career Path

We empower our students by delivering cutting-edge, in-demand skills and practical experience through global internships. Our students explore and experience different career paths right in their high school.

Learn Smart

Our holistic curriculum includes wellbeing, school clubs like art and film production and preparation for entrance exams. Peer learning groups, one-to-one mentoring ensures each student receives the best preparation for life.

Develop Intellectual Curiosity

We encourage our students to be more and do more. All our students get access to smart learning tools so they can become active learners, not passive participants. We believe success happens only when we expand opportunity and demand excellence.

Learning gets even better with GoSchool

Student Support Services

We’ve put in place a support team you can reach out to for technical issues, general info, and other queries

Counselling Services

Our qualified counsellors are always there if you’d like to discuss what’s on your mind.

Progress Monitoring

Your progress manager will closely monitor your progress to ensure you stay on track.

One-to-one Mentoring

We assign a dedicated mentor to support and guide you on your learning journey.

Personal Development

We offer a number of interesting activities such as clubs, workshops, field trips and more.

Career Development

We offer internship opportunities and university guidance through our learning partners.

Hands-on Learning

We assign individual and group projects so you can explore and apply what you’ve learnt.

Competency-Based Progression

We deploy competency-based progression so you’re fully-prepared for your next lesson.

Learner Profiling

We develop learner profiles so we can gain a deeper understanding of your learning needs and monitor your progress.

Personalised Learning Plan

We personalise the learning path to match your learning goals, strengths, and interests.

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motivating, and caring teachers

“The principal goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.”
- Jean Piaget

Admissions Open for Standard 6th to 12th
Academic Year 2024-25

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